Thursday, June 11, 2015

1st review :DC comics Strafire #1...a comic that you need to ask yourself if you have probelms for liking it 'SPOILERS'

Author:Jimmy Palmiotti
Cover Art: Amanda Conner
Artist:Emanuela Lapachino

Truth be told,I luv me some  Starfire.She's beautiful,sexy ,fun and lovable.The Startfire I know and love comes from the retro-comics of yester-year...

... and that awesome Teen Titans
 that aired on Cartoon Network some years back.


Okay,so she's always been a bit of a ditz (in a cute way),but despite not knowing earth customs
she backs it up with some weird shit from back home...which indicates she knows how to 
socialize...just that she does it like they do at home.

However going from this:


                 To this-
Comfortable my ass,bitch it's called sweatpants n' t-shirt

...and this  

Now before ya'll lil boys say 'oh she's jealous cuz she don't look like that,she must be ugly,etc'...I'm bisexual.
I luvs womens as much as you do.And I do like a bit of fanservice (the cover was perfect,powerful AND
sexy.YES).But c'mon guys.This is shameless.I like to see naked girls and all that,but this is embarassing,
even for the writers and artists on board.

But you know what the worse part is?

It's not funny.

At least when this happens in's usually funny.This...this just isn't.Just a sad attempt at selling
the dumb beauty trope.

Now boys (cuz men don't do this.This is boys who haven't been properly introduced to attractive women),
take a step back and realize what you did is wrong.And you should learn from your mistakes.Don't make it 
OBVIOUS that you don't get subtle.

I'm not knockin' sexy girls,just...dude...this is Starfire...NOT .

5 out of 10
...  and only the art and potential for change made me think this.It's not too late,DC,
you can save still Starfire and your dignity.It's not too late

First post introductions

The name's Lexia ('ll be seein' me on youtube eventually and hearing my rants when I get around to it).I decided to do a blog with true reviews and previews of stuff,cuz honestly,I got sick of racist/sexist/ageist/culture bias blinders put on everything.So I am going to do true reviews on things for now on.

First up is a few comics from DC I'd been readin' cuz,for those in the know,the New 52 relaunch had me shakin' my head.Also this week is the new elder scrolls online,which I'll hopefully have done before the day's out and then .After that,I'll have an article about honest take on how DC dropped the ball with thier New 52 relaunch and some Marvel NOW stuff.Stay tuned,I'll be updating at least once a week.Love and hate from Lexia .Bye!